Technical Regulations


The following Technical Regulations are set out in accordance with the MSA specified format and it should be clearly understood that if the following texts do not clearly specify that you can do it, you should work to the principle that you cannot. Competitors are advised to read MSA Regulations Sections E 11.3.11. - E.12. - J (C). - P - Q - R - and the 2001/2002 Formula Ford with 1800cc Zetec Engine Technical Regulations Issue 2, issued in a separate book by Ford Motor Company.


1.2.1 The Senior Formula Ford Zetec Championship is for 1800cc Formula Ford Cars which must comply with the Formula Ford with 1800cc Zetec Engine Technical Regulations, issued in a separate book by the Championship Organisers, and/or any amendments to the Technical Regulations issued from time to time by way of an Official Championship Bulletin.

1.2.2 Each competitor will be provided with a Championship Vehicle Log Book prior to the first event of the Championship. This document must be presented with the car at scrutineering for every round of the Championship. This document will be retained by the Series Eligibility/Safety Scrutineer for the duration of each event. Onus of ownership responsibility remains with the Entrant/Driver and failure to present the document at scrutineering for each event may lead to MSA Judicial Procedures being followed. The penalties that may be applied include a reprimand and/or a fine and/or exclusion from the event.


The organisers (in addition to any other powers they may have under these Regulations reserve the right before or after any race in the championship/series to designate any one or more of the competing cars for special eligibility scrutineering. Upon such election being made the competitor shall immediately place the car under the control of the organisers and be deemed to have permitted all such scrutineering, examination and testing as the organisers may responsibly require to undertake. The organisers have the right to:

a Examine the car at the circuit for such period as they may reasonably require and take fuel samples and/or

b Retain the car for detailed examination at premises chosen by the organisers. If the organisers elect to retain the car they shall make it available for collection by the competitor at least seven days prior to the qualification session for the next race in the championship/series unless the car is found to be in breach of these regulations and/or

The organisers reserve the right to re-inspect vehicles at any time during the course of the season, should there have been a regulation infringement or circuit incident.

Competitors/Entrants will be personally and solely responsible for ensuring that their cars comply with their registration details and with these regulations for each event at which they are entered. Failure to comply in either respect will be a breach of these regulations. Queries concerning eligibility should be referred in writing to the organisers/championship/series Eligibility Scrutineer at least seven days prior to an event entered, to permit a ruling in advance of any meeting at which it is intended to compete.

1.2.3 The clerk of the Course or Series Eligibility/Safety Scrutineer may order that a vehicle be re-examined at any time during a meeting, even if this involves stopping a vehicle whilst qualifying or racing. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in the loss of qualifying times or race results.

Failure to comply with ride height regulations during a qualifying session (checks to be conducted on a nominated flat patch in the pit lane) or failure to comply with the directions of race officials to undertake a ride height check will result in the loss of qualifying times set.


The following Articles of MSA Appendix Q Safety Criteria Regulations will apply unless specified in the 2001 Formula Ford with 1800cc Zetec Engine Technical Regulations issued by Ford Motor Company: Q1; Q1.3; Q1.5.3; Q1.5.4; Q2.1.3; Q3; Q4; Q5; Q6; Q7; Q8; Q9; Q10; Q11 and Q13.



As per 2001/2002 Formula Ford with 1800cc Zetec Technical Regulations Issue 2


As per 2001/2002 Formula Ford with 1800cc Zetec Technical Regulations Issue 2


As per 2001/2002 Formula Ford with 1800cc Zetec Technical Regulations Issue 2


As per 2001/2002 Formula Ford with 1800cc Zetec Technical Regulations Issue 2


As per 2001/2002 Formula Ford with 1800cc Zetec Technical Regulations Issue 2


As per 2001/2002 Formula Ford with 1800cc Zetec Technical Regulations Issue 2


As per 2001/2002 Formula Ford with 1800cc Zetec Technical Regulations Issue 2


As per 2001/2002 Formula Ford with 1800cc Zetec Technical Regulations Issue 2

1.13 TYRES

1.13.1 The fitting of tyres supplied by Cooper-Avon Tyres Ltd of the following measurements is compulsory:
Slick Front 6.0/21.0-13
Specification: 8810
Slick Rear 7.0/22.0-13
Specification: 8811
Wet Front 6.0/21.0-13
Specification: 7414
Wet Rear 7.0/22.0-13
Specification: 7415

1.13.2 For the whole duration of the official practice during the period of the race meeting, no artificial cooling of the wheel, tyre, or other component of the inflated wheel assembly is permitted. Artificial cooling will include any means of transferring heat away from the wheel and tyre assembly other than by natural convection. Any tyre protection cover used during transit of the car within the confines of the circuit must be a loose fit onto the tyre, they must not be of a temporary construction and must be capable of being reused many times. No cleaning, or removal of rubber pick-up, from the tread area of the tyres is permitted using any form of other mechanical aid.

1.13.3 Each competitor may not for each event (including official qualifying) use more than:
Single Race Event - 4 tyres
Double Race Event - 8 tyres
For each Single Race Event, each competitor may also nominate one used front tyre and one used rear tyre per race meeting as spare tyres.

A used tyre is defined as a tyre which has been nominated for that competitor on a tyre nomination form at a previous round. All other tyres are deemed to be new tyres.

1.13.5 Each competitor must nominate, on the form provided by the Championship Organisers, the manufacturers numbers of the tyres for use at each event. This form must be handed to the Scrutineers prior to the start of the first qualifying session.
The nomination of tyres is specific to the driver. If the driver changes cars in a team, then he/she must use tyres previously declared for his/her use, plus any new tyres up to the maximum permitted by these regulations. In the case where a driver changes team during the season they may nominate tyres as shown above, However the used tyres must have been previously allocated to the car or team to which the transfer has taken place. Any new driver into the Championship in a new car can have 4 new tyres for his/her first race, unless it is a Double Race Event when 8 new tyres may be used.

1.13.6 Should any qualifying session or race be declared wet, tyres will not be limited.

1.13.7 The replacement of tyres is subject to the prior agreement of the Championship Eligiblity/Safety Scrutineer and a representative of Cooper-Avon Tyres.

1.13.8 Only tyres nominated for that event are permitted in the Pit Lane during official qualifying sessions and races.


As per 2001 Formula Ford with 1800cc Zetec Technical Regulations Issue 2


As per 2001 Formula Ford with 1800cc Zetec Technical Regulations Issue 2


The silencer must be maintained to comply with section B provisions of MSA Regulation E 12.17. at all times.


1.17.1 MSA E 11.3.11 specification numbers displayed in positions acceptable to the Timekeepers must identify all cars.

1.17.2 Branding supplied by the Championship Organisers must be applied in the areas as specified in the Race Car/Race Suit Championship Livery Positions, which form an attachment to these Regulations. Failure to adhere to this condition may result in the withholding of points and prizes.


In accordance with the Montreal Convention, Halon (BCF; NAF S3; NAF P) will be deleted in the UK as an approved extinguisher with effect from 01/02/03.



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2.2.1 Penalties:
A breach of any of the Commercial Regulations may result in a fine, up to a maximum of 1,000 for each offence, being imposed by the TOCA Co-Ordinator or the Championship Co-Ordinator. Championship registration will be temporarily suspended until such payment has been received.

A serious or continual breach of any of the Commercial Regulations may render the competitor ineligible for competition. In which case participation in the Championship by that competitor will be entirely at the discretion of the Championship Co-Ordinator and the TOCA Co-Ordinator.

2.2.2 Conditions:
TOCA and the Championship Organisers reserve the right to add or vary the Commercial Regulations at their sole discretion.

2.2.3 TOCA Passes:

A TOCA Passes will be issued to each registered competitor for his/her sole use. Applications for passes shall be made by competitors by completing the Vehicle/Staff Information Form (Appendix B) and returning it to their Championship Co-Ordinator by 15th March 2002. Vehicle/Staff Information Sheets will not be processed by the TOCA Co-Ordinator unless they are fully complete. Submission of an incomplete form, or late return of the form to your Championship Co-Ordinator may result in no passes being available for the first round of the Championship and the withholding of a competitors entry.

B TOCA Passes are issued on condition that the person or organisation to whom it is issued waives any and all claims it may have now or in the future and releases from all liabilities and agrees not to take any legal action and to always hold harmless TOCA Limited and their employees, agents and representatives and servants, the MSA, the Race Organisers, the Promoters, the Venue Owner, the Championship Organisers, any participating team and all employees, agents, servants and contractors thereof for any personal injury, death, damage or loss of any kind that the pass holder may sustain as a result of or in connection with the pass holders presence within the venue. This indemnity does not apply insofar as injury or death is caused as a result of the negligence of the party seeking an indemnity.

C Competitors will be required to sign for receipt of their TOCA Passes. By accepting the issue of these passes, the competitor is deemed to agree to abide by the pass conditions and to undertake the obligation to advise each person to whom they are issued of the pass conditions and to ensure the observance thereof.
D TOCA Passes are issued subject to the following conditions:-

i) A TOCA Pass may only be used to gain access to the areas indicated on the face of the pass. Any person found within a restricted area without the appropriate pass may be removed from the venue immediately and/or have any pass held by them withdrawn (without prejudice to any other remedy TOCA may have under the terms of this Commercial Regulation 6.2.3.).

ii) A TOCA Pit Lane Pass may only be used by the competitor to whom it is specifically issued. It is forbidden to alter or deface passes in any way or to allow a pass to be used to authorise the entry of more than one person at each meeting.

iii) TOCA Passes must not be removed from their official lanyards and must be worn around the neck of the person to whom it is issued so as to remain clearly visible at all times. It is forbidden to combine with or enclose a TOCA pass within a wallet or holder of any kind (unless suplied by TOCA or your Championship Organisers) or to attach additional items of any kind to it.

iv) TOCA reserves the right to request further proof of identity in addition to a TOCA Pass.

v) TOCA at all times reserves the right to refuse admission to the venue or access to a designated area to any person, notwithstanding that such person may have been issued with an appropriate TOCA Pass.

E TOCA Passes remain at all times the property of TOCA Limited and may be issued, altered or withdrawn at any time at the absolute discretion of the TOCA Co-Ordinator in conjunction with the Championship Co-Ordinator. Passes that have been withdrawn will not, unless under exceptional circumstances, be returned to the person to whom they were originally issued.

F TOCA, in conjunction with the Championship Co-Ordinator(s), reserves the right to remove immediately from the venue any person who is found to have violated the pass conditions contained in these Commercial Regulations and/or to withdraw permanently a TOCA Pass issued to such person and/or to take or institute legal proceedings against that person.

G All registered competitors are fully liable for any personnel and vehicle passes issued to them by TOCA and/or received on the competitors behalf. The misuse of any passes allocated to a competitor will result (without prejudice to any other action which may be taken by TOCA under the terms of these Commercial Regulations) in TOCA imposing a fine of 1,000 for each act of misuse of the pass together with the confiscation of the pass concerned for such period of time as the TOCA Co-Ordinator shall deem appropriate.

H Each competitor must attend a Championship Pre-Season Test Day to collect their TOCA Passes in person. The date and time of collection will be advised in a championship newsletter.

Each competitor must also attend this Championship Pre-Season Test Day with their intended Paddock vehicle for the 2002 season and erect their awning (if applicable) for measurement by the TOCA Paddock Team. Passes will not be issued until the plot size has been measured and agreed by TOCA.

Entry fee refunds will only be made if Championship registration is withdrawn and all passes issued in connection with that registration are returned to the TOCA Co-Ordinator.

TOCA Passes will not be replaced if they are lost/mislaid unless they have been stolen and a copy of the police report relating to that offence is submitted to the TOCA Administration Office.

2.2.4 Paddock Regulations:

A The amount of space requested on each Vehicle/Staff Information Sheet will not necessarily be the space you will be granted by TOCA who will assess your requirements at your Championship Pre-Season Test Day at TBA (see Commercial Regulation 6.2.3.i.).

B Any amendment to the vehicle and/or awning size required must be notified to the TOCA Paddock Layout Team for their approval prior to use.

C The space you are allocated by TOCA is granted to you for the preparation of your race cars and team catering. It is expressly forbidden to use this space as a hospitality area or trade site area.

D Motorhomes/caravans are not permitted within the Paddock at any venue unless in exceptional circumstances and with the prior approval of the TOCA Co-Ordinator.

E No hospitality/entertaining will be allowed by competitors within the Paddock. Each team will be permitted one transporter and awning (see Regulation 6.2.4.a.) to be parked in their designated Paddock area which may contain an area at the rear specifically for team catering. Please refer to Regulation 3.11.4. regarding the mandatory provision of fire extinguishers.

F Only motorised Paddock vehicles (including quad bikes and scooters) which are authorised and identified by way of a Pass issued by the TOCA Co-Ordinator may be used within the Paddock. These vehicles may only be used during authorised times and when driven by a current full road traffic licence holder for race team related business. Recreational use is strictly prohibited.
Motorised Paddock vehicles may only be used within the venue during the period from two hours prior to the first scheduled track activity until one hour after the last track activity on each day of the meeting, including the Paddock set-up day. There is a total ban on their use outside these times.

G There is a speed limit of 10 mph in the Paddock at each venue. The only movement of race cars permitted in the Paddock is on the way to the Assembly Area and on the way back from Parc Ferme with a current full road traffic licence holder seated in the drivers position and in control of the car.

H Tailgates on transporters must remain closed at all times except when loading and/or unloading your race cars.

I Competitors will be issued with a specific time to park-up their race transporters in the Paddock at each meeting. Access to the Paddock outside your parking-up time is forbidden, unless the express written permission of your Championship Co-Ordinator (after consultation with the TOCA Co-Ordinator) has been obtained to park-up at a different time. Verbal permission from circuit employees will not be accepted.

J When a race transporter is parked in position in the Paddock at a meeting it is expressly forbidden to remove it from its Paddock space until after the start of the BTCC Feature Race, unless the express permission of the TOCA Co-Ordinator or his appointed representative has been obtained to remove it earlier. Awnings may not be dismantled until the end of the Pit/Paddock Walkabout Session.

K At the start of each meeting, qualifying or race, each car must be clean and in good order. The Championship Clerk of the Course, in conjunction with the Series Eligibility/Safety Scrutineer and the Championship Co-Ordinator, reserves the right to exclude cars not meeting this requirement from taking part and any competitor excluded in this way will not be entitled to a refund of their entry fee.

L Any pipes, wires or cables trailing from transporters and/or generators must be protected by hard covers where they will be crossed by vehicles. All Health and Safety requirements must be met at all times and warning signs must be erected where there is any danger to the public or other persons.
M It is an offence for any person to ride or drive any motor vehicle on the roads or other public areas under the control of the venue promoters unless they are covered by third party insurance. It is a condition of registration that such insurance is in place.

2.2.5 Timetable Regulations:

A Should any Championship have less than 15 registered competitors at a meeting then TOCA reserve the right to re-schedule their race either first or last on the race day timetable at the next meeting.

B TOCA reserve the right to amend the race day timetable at their discretion.

C Competitors should listen carefully to the Paddock tannoy announcements and their Championship Co-Ordinator regarding the time they are required in the Assembly Area. In ideal conditions the timetable may be brought forward and competitors may be called to the Assembly Area earlier than expected, especially at any BTCC live televised races. Competitors are warned that they will miss their qualifying session/race if they are not ready in the Assembly Area when the cars are released.

2.2.6 Radios:

A Radio frequencies used by a competitor, team, manufacturer and/or any of their suppliers must be licensed for use in the UK by the appropriate regional office of the Radiocommunications Agency. The TOCA Co-Ordinator must be notified prior to the start of the season of the Radio Frequency to be used by the competitors, teams, manufacturers and/or any of their suppliers. A copy of the Licence or Short Term Hire Agreement for the frequency must also be submitted. The TOCA Co-Ordinator reserves the right to request production of the original Licence/Short Term Hire documentation to verify the use of any frequency by a competitor, team, manufacturer and/or any of their suppliers at any time during the season.

B The competitor, team, manufacturer and/or any of their suppliers must at all times comply with the terms and conditions specified from time to time by the Radiocommunications Agency for the use of their radio frequency.

C In the event that a frequency used by a competitor, team, manufacturer and/or any of their suppliers interferes with a frequency used by a local emergency service or other third party the competitor, team, manufacturer and/or supplier shall forthwith change its radio frequency to a non conflicting frequency to the satisfaction of the TOCA Co-Ordinator and in accordance with the requirements and prior approval of the Radiocommunications Agency. The competitor, team and/or manufacturer will be suspended from practice and racing until a change of frequency has been effected and a copy of the approval of the Radiocommunication Agency submitted to the TOCA Co-Ordinator.

D If a competitor, team, manufacturer and/or any of their suppliers wish to change their frequency they must first obtain approval from the Radiocommunications Agency and submit a copy of such approval to the TOCA Co-Ordinator.

E It is not permitted to scramble radio speech transmissions or encode them in any way.

2.2.7 Advertising:

A Products that are not permitted to be advertised on UK television are also prohibited. The Championship Co-ordinator reserves the right to censor any advertising which may be deemed unsuitable.

2.2.8 At All Championship Meetings:

A The stickers and livery of Senior Zetec Formula Ford Championship and its sponsor companies must be displayed in the type and size specified by the drawings in Appendix E.
No advertising, other than that of the Championship sponsors, is permitted on the rear wing end plates. The decision of the Championship Co-ordinator is final.

B Competitors must put the driver's name on each side of the car as indicated in Appendix E.

C All surfaces which have not been claimed for stickers by Senior Zetec Formula Ford Championship, it's sponsor companies or used for the application of starting numbers, are free for use. Conflicting sponsor's stickers must be approved by the Championship Co-ordinator in advance and the position, size and colours (if approved) will be at the discretion of the Championship Co-ordinator.

D In order to qualify for points, prize money and bonus awards, competitors must (provided that these items are available at the event):

i) Carry the correct Championship decals on their race cars in the positions indicated in Appendix E.

ii) Have their transporter fitted with a minimum of two flagpoles, six metres high. Prior to the star of the season. The only competitors exempt from this Commercial Regulation are those who operate a motorhome/car/van and trailer combination in the Paddock in lieu of a transporter.

iii) All competing cars on the starting grid when the green flag is shown will be deemed to have come under starter's orders and are therefore eligible for bonus money. Bonus money will be forfeited by any driver who is subsequently excluded from the race or contravenes the Championship regulations in any way.

E Drivers must take part in any autograph session or press interview wearing their race suit should this be required by the Championship Co-ordinator.

2.2.9 Testing:

A During official test days all cars must comply with the Championship technical regulations. In the event of a car being deemed ineligible by the Eligibility/Safety Scrutineer it will not be permitted to take part in any tests and the competitor concerned may be called before the Championship Stewards.
B A list of official Senior Zetec Formula Ford Championship tests will be nominated and circulated in a Championship newsletter prior to the start of the season. BMP reserves the right to alter or amend the list of official tests and will inform all registered competitors of such a change by official newsletter.

C If a driver causes two stoppages during the course of any Senior Zetec Formula Ford Championship test day then his/her continued participation shall be at the discretion of the Championship Co-ordinator an appointed representative.

2.2.10 Miscellaneous

A Should any car, including the Championship winning car, carry any form of sponsorship or advertising which conflicts in any way with Ford and/or its associate companies or sponsors, the car may not take part in the Championship the decision of the Championship Manager is final.

B In signing the Championship Registration form each entrant agrees that Senior Zetec Formula Ford Championship and the sponsors of the 2002 Championship may make use of his/her activities and successes in motor sport for any advertising or promotion with which they are associated, the full Championship title (including the Championship Sponsors name) will be used at all times.

2.2.11 Television:

A By entering the Championship, competitors and their teams are obliged to assist Senior Zetec Formula Ford Championship in the promotion of the Championship and in particular, the television coverage. All competitors and their teams are obliged to assist the Senior Zetec Formula Ford Championship nominated TV Production company in the filming of the Championship by granting interviews when requested and any other reasonable request of the TV Production company or the Championship Co-ordinator.

B Cars must carry an in car or onboard camera at the sole discretion of the Championship Co-ordinator and allow this equipment to be fitted at any time at the reasonable request of the TV Production company. No other in car video or film camera will be permitted.

C Competitors selected to carry an in car camera may be required to display a Championship title logo in front of the camera. No other advertising will be permitted in the cockpit, or in front of the camera.

D Any competitor and/or anyone connected with a competitor or team is prohibited from trying to influence the editorial decisions of the TV Production company in connection with the Championship as it is shown on Television.

All television rights are the property of Senior Zetec Formula Ford Championship. Any broadcasts, rebroadcast or reproduction without the express written permission of the Championship Co-ordinator is strictly forbidden

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